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You Choose: Stress Out -OR- Hire a Day Of Coordinator

Whether you did it alone or with the help of a San Diego Wedding Planner (like an Award Winning Wedding Planner in San Diego from San Diego Life Events) you have been working so hard putting together the details of your special day. As overwhelming as it can be, you've done it- great job! The decor, the food, the music, everything appears to be falling into place. But there is something that can easily be overlooked and I am here to urge you to take care of this right away.

Skip to the bottom for the list you came for, or continue reading more - this is important :)

Hear me out: On the day of your wedding while you are getting ready, will you be answering every phone call, text, and question from everyone you hired? How could you possibly hold the phone to your ear while getting your hair and makeup done, or while taking Getting Ready portraits with your bridal party and family? Who will set your guest tables? Who will arrange your decor to match your vision, prep your vendor team, queue your bridal party? Who will assure your guests know where to go after your ceremony? Who will manage your service providers, oversee your timeline so things are on time and running smoothly? Who will help organize your take-home items so they are packed away in a timely fashion and you can leave at the end of the event? Not you, and not your bridal party - y'all have more important things to do, how can any of you possibly add in these duties as well?

If the answer is a guest, friend, or family member, you might as well stop planning your wedding right now. Reconsider your options and what is important to you. Didn't you invite your guests to enjoy the event, and be free to celebrate with you on your very special day? Isn't your bridal party by your side for the honor, and to enjoy a day celebrating you and your partners love for one another, stress-free? Did you know that for 8 hours or more, this designated and likely inexperienced individual will not be able to take their eyes off your running timeline, and will stress about every detail being perfect so you don't have to? And not to mention, they've probably never done this before so how will they know what to look for, when to act, and what to do?

If this is already increasing your anxiety - don't worry! You came to the right place. For these reasons and more, successful weddings will ALWAYS have a Day of Coordinator on site - sometimes even a Day Of Coordination Team. This is imperative in ensuring the day you have always dreamed of stays on track to being the most beautiful day of your life. Your Day Of Coordinator may even be the same person, or someone from the same team, as your Wedding Planner, which is a huge bonus given they already know you and your weddings details.


Here is a list of just some of the things you may expect a Day Of Coordinator will likely take on for you to ensure a flawless wedding day:

- First point of contact for all hired vendors and service providers

- Managing all vendors, providing directions as they arrive to the venue and guiding to their appropriate setup areas

- Assisting service providers as needed with setup

- Setting up and placing client-provided and rental decor items

- Advising hired rental company on placement/layout of tables, chairs, etc.

- Placing individual items such as ceremony gifts, place cards, meal indicators, table numbers, etc.

- Guiding guests to the appropriate site for ceremony, cocktail hour, reception

- Managing the Day Of timeline/order of events, ensuring a smooth transition throughout Day Of activities

- Queuing you, your bridal party, and your DJ providing ceremony music, for a perfect transition into your ceremony

- Assisting your catering team with plating and serving your meals

- Assisting your bartending/beverage team with queuing the pour for your champagne toast, and opening/closing the bar at the appropriate times throughout the event as to not cause a disturbance during important moments

- Distributing your vendor gratuities and any owed payments on your behalf at the appropriate times

- Keeping an eye out for any uninvited guests, acting accordingly as needed

- Being a calm, positive, firm, supportive presence for you and your partner

- and so much more!

So now let me ask you again - who will support you by managing your big day on your behalf? There are many San Diego Day Of Coordinator options, but if you are searching for the best Day Of Wedding Coordinator Contact us now to receive a quote from an award winning Wedding Planner in San Diego and let San Diego Life Events execute the perfect day you've always dreamed of.

Blog post by Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events.

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