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Meet Our Newest Event Assistant: Katie Liakos

We are thrilled to introduce to you our newest part-time Event Assistant: Katie Liakos! Katie has already assisted our Day Of Coordination team with one wedding, and another with decor and detail setup. She has been a fantastic help and we are so excited for you to meet her at your San Diego Wedding or Event. We just know you'll love her!

- Rachel Weinshanker, Owner, San Diego Life Events

"My name is Katie and I’m originally from the east coast, but I’ve lived in San Diego for 7 years. I love swimming, yoga, and going to comedy shows. I have two cats who are equal parts active and cuddly. My favorite activity is just spending time with all the wonderful friends I’ve met since I have lived here. I’ve worked with a wide range of people during my career in academic advising at different universities. And I’ve also become friends with a diverse group of people in the San Diego dance community, which is where my passion for event planning started! I enjoy dancing bachata and kizomba the most, but am also acquainted with the salsa dance scene. I have been hosting dance workshops and night socials, and I’ve brought in several different dance instructors and deejays from around the country. I enjoy the collaboration and coordination that goes into event planning, and my intense attention to detail does not get wasted in this field! It feels so good to see all your hard work pay off when everyone is enjoying themselves at your event!

I am excited for the opportunity to work with Rachel Weinshanker at San Diego Life Events. Planning a wedding is a very special responsibility, and I know it is one that she does not take lightly. It’s been a great experience to become more familiar with all the behind-the-scene work that is necessary to make the couple’s special day as seamless as it can be. It’s such a joy to see families and friends coming together to support each other in their celebration of love!"

Blog post by Rachel Weinshanker and Katie Liakos,

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