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Five Ways Hiring a Wedding Planner will actually SAVE you Money

We know if you're on a budget and you've never planned a wedding before, adding another vendor to your list that you didn't know you needed may sound expensive. Getting the support you need doesn't have to be a scary added expense. Luckily, you've come to the right place! The Award Winning team at San Diego Life Events are known experts in how to save up to THOUSANDS on your big day. Keep reading if you're on a budget and looking to save money on your wedding.

5. Hiring an experienced, well-networked Wedding Planner can give you exclusive access to their preferred vendors, who often offer deep discounts, special pricing, and great deals to their favorite Planner's clients ONLY.

4. Vendors who work with Wedding Planners they know and love will always be more flexible during negotiations, and may be more inclined to include a little extra whenever possible.

3. An experienced, professional Wedding Planner or Event Planner will be able to identify any overcharges, or unnecessary line items that have been added to your invoices.

2. A Wedding Planner can help advise on how much time you will realistically need a vendor for, so you do not shell out unnecessary funds for service hours where they are not required.

1. People love doing nice things for people they like! Be sure to hire a Wedding Planner that is known to be friendly, kind yet firm, personable, and experienced. Hiring an Award Winning Wedding Planner in San Diego (and beyond!) from San Diego Life Events is sure to be the ticket to helping you keep more of your hard-earned money, while bringing your wedding dreams to life.

We look forward to working with you!

Blog post by Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events.

Photos in this post from San Diego Life Events Client wedding by Pretty Branch Photography

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