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Pinterest Party Planning

Have you ever seen something and wished you had known about it before? Let’s face it, we have all been there. When it comes to planning an event, there are so many elements that come together that make the day absolutely perfect. Using online tools to collect information is a great way to plan out ideas and thoughts to add to your event, which is a huge reason we love websites like Pinterest! Yes you heard it right! San Diego Life Events is on Pinterest!

Pinterest is a great tool when it comes to planning just about anything, especially events and weddings! Give us a follow to stay updated with our latest pins. In honor of launching our Pinterest, and one of our favorite boards, we have created a list of “Little Things” to consider at your wedding that will go a long way as inspired by our Pinterest board “It’s The Little Things” which you can find by clicking here!

Here are some fun wedding and event ideas we've found on Pinterest!

Ceremonies and Outdoor Events

1. Sunglasses - Are you having an outdoor wedding or event where the sun is shining? Providing a basket of inexpensive sunglasses for guests to use during the ceremony will significantly help their view of you saying “I Do!”. We suggest having a small table with a sign that says “Don’t Get Blinded By Our Love!” with the sunglasses displayed ready for guests to grab!

2. Fans - Weddings during the heat of summer are beautiful, but also can be very hot! Avoid guests melting during the ceremony by laying out some folding fans to help your guests beat the heat!

3. Bug Spray - When you’re outside, dealing with bugs is inevitable, especially during those summer nights! Beat the bugs by providing guests with tiny bug sprays readily available at your wedding. You can either purchase bug spray or make it on your own! You can lay out the bug sprays with a sign that says “Be Smitten Not Bitten!”

4. Tissues - Weddings are a beautiful and memorable day that are full of all types of emotions. Providing a small station for tissues will help guests contain the waterworks. Paired with a sign that says, “Tissues for happy tears” this cute gesture is sure to be a hit!

Ceremony Exits

1. Bubbles - Bubbles make for a cute and fun atmosphere to celebrate the new couple, and not to mention they look adorable in photos! Placing bubbles on each seat prior to the ceremony with a little note instructing guests to blow away once the new couple is announced will bring a smile to all faces

2. Flower Petals - Like bubbles, flower petals are also a sweet addition to a ceremony. You can pre-assemble tiny bags of petals so guests are ready to go when the time comes! An alternative to placing the petals on each seat would be to have a small table with an instruction sign for guests to pick up as they enter the ceremony. Hint: Confetti is an wonderful and inexpensive alternative to this idea!

3. Ribbon Wands - A unique idea for ceremony exits are providing ribbon wands for guests to wave! This magical and mystical concept will make for a wonderful exit and more! If you have a lot of children attending your wedding, the ribbon wands will be a fun addition for kids to play with throughout the night and even bring onto the dance floor!


1. Sparklers - Sparklers are a fun and inexpensive way to conclude your special night. Schedule a sparkler send off to make your exit a memorable one. Guests can face one another creating a line and light up sparklers and wave them around as the new couple runs through and makes a grand depart from their big night.

2. Flip-Flops - Heels might always look fabulous, but not necessarily always feel fabulous. Grab a bunch of cheap flip-flops and fill a box near the dance floor! When guests feet get sore they can kick off their shoes, grab a pair of flip-flops and dance some more! Now there is no excuse for “my feet hurt” or “I can’t dance in these shoes!”

3. Drink Covers - At events it can be hard to tell if a guest has finished their beverage or not. Stop throwing away half finished drinks and go for custom coasters that double as drink covers! When a guest gets up from their seat they can place the opposite side of the coaster on their drink that displays the side that says something along the lines of “Please do not take my drink, I will be back!”

4. Dog Treats - Incorporating your four-legged friend into you is a special way to customize your special day. As wonderful as it would be to invite your friends and their dogs, it is not the ideal party situation. Instead, send guests home with special treats from your pup to theirs! A cute idea is to have some pre-packaged treats next to a sign that says “Take A Treat Fur My Friends Who Couldn’t Make It To The Pawty” and sign it from your dog!

For more ideas and inspiration, check out our Pinterest page or contact your San Diego Wedding Planner at San Diego Life Events.

Blog post by Danielle Hendricks, edited by Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events.

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