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Top 10 Engagement Party Games

Top 10 Engagement Party Games & Activities

Getting engaged calls for multiple festivities with friends and family all leading up to the big day the two of you say “I Do”. Throwing an engagement party is a fun and exciting way to kick off the celebration of the proposal. The party will consist of plenty of food, laughs, music, activities and not to mention, games! When it coms to choosing which games, the list goes on in on, which is why we have compiled our top 10 favorite games and activities to add to your engagement parties itinerary!

  1. Ice Breaker

Ice Breakers are a great way to get the party started and people mixing and mingling. Because there will be many guests who do not know each other, an ice breaker gives everyone that push to meet others. Have guests RSVP to your party with a fact about themselves and turn it into a grid or list. The goal of the game is to create a list of one fact per guests that aren’t known by the other guests. Everyone will be going around the party in search of finding who belongs to which facts by asking questions that don’t include any of the words in the facts.

2. Couples Quiz

Prepare a list of questions on nice paper or cute stationary to determine which guest knows the couple the best! Examples of questions to add to your list can be about their favorite restaurant, names of siblings, where they met, ect. Read the questions out loud and have guests quickly jot down the answers. After the final question has been read, announce the correct answers and award the winner a small token prize of your choosing.

3. Photo Booth

Pictures are the perfect way to commemorate a memory, so why not set up your own at your party! You can easily use fabric and streamers to make a background and throw together a table for fun and silly props for guests to pose with. Although cell phones get the job done, Polaroid instant cameras make for the ideal camera to run your booth as the photo prints right out as they are taken!

4. Wedding Bingo

For this game all you need are homemade Bingo cards for gets and something to mark the squares with such as chips or a marker. Start by creating a personalized Bingo card that can includes photos, phrases, meaningful dates, and memorable locations to the couple. You can choose any way to play or opt for the traditional five spaces any which way.

5. Ring Hunt

All you have to do for this activity is hide plastic rings or some other type of items throughout the party and send your guest to find them rewarding whoever finds the most with a prize! Think of it as a twist on an Easter egg hunt!

6. Shoe Game

This game is commonly seen at not only engagement parties, but receptions as well. For this game, the couple sits back to back and trades a shoe with each other so they are holding one of each shoe in each hand. A host will read out from a list of statements such as: Who is the better driver? Who is a better cook? Who spends more money? And so on. Each time a statement is read the couple will raise the shoe of the person they think the question most pertains to!

7. Geofilter

With the rise in Snapchat, creating a snapchat geofilter within the app for the duration of the party is a fun way for guests to document the party on social media. The price is determined by the size of the area, for one hour in a 20 square foot area the price starts at $5. You can make your own geofilter or customize a pre-designed template on the app. All your social media savvy guests will snapping away!

8. Jenga

Jenga is a timeless favorite for those of all ages. You can opt for a giant Jenga game which is perfect for outside and future events. To make it even more memorable you can have guests write a note and sign their name on a tile for the newly engaged couple!

9. Mad Libs

This cute custom game is a funny way to allow guests to make the couples story into a a game of mad libs! You can start with the original story or stretch the details a but for the fun of it! Watch as guests fill in the blanks with hilarious nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs!

10. Newlywed Game (Well, Almost)

The Newlywed Game is a popular TV game show which will also work as a fun game for the newly engaged couple! The couple will either need paper and markers or a white board with dry erase pens if they have it. Couples will sit back to back with their paper or board. Sample questions can be: What is your fiancé’s guilty pleasure? What is your fiancé’s biggest pet peeve? What is your fiancé’s favorite feature about you? One couple will go at a time, so if the bride-to-be is first, she will write down her answer pertaining to herself and the groom-to-be will answer with what he thinks she is most likely to say. After the answer is written the groom-to-be will flip to reveal his answer, then the bride-to-be for the correct answer. Then switch!

For more fun engagement games and activities to have at your celebration, contact your San Diego Wedding Coordinator or award winning Event Planner at San Diego Life Events for more information!

Blog post by Danielle Hendricks, edited by Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events.

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