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Post Wedding Brunch 101

Post-Wedding Brunch 101

Weddings are longer just a one day event. With the weekend become the prime and most popular time to hold weddings, the special occasion is now being celebrated throughout the entire weekend! With welcoming guests on Friday, getting married on Saturday, and hosting a Sunday morning brunch. Hosting a brunch the day after is a fun and more intimate way to spend time with family and friends who celebrated your big day as well as recover from the night before in a more relaxed atmosphere. It is up to you and your partner if you would like to gather everyone together once more, if you do then keep reading for everything you need to know about hosting a post-wedding brunch.

Who’s Invited?

The typical guest list for brunch is family of the couple as well as anyone who has traveled the distance to make it to your wedding. Guest who have made the trip will be appreciative of being included in an additional celebration of your marriage. Because some people might need to leave the day after the wedding, expect people to come and go based of travel times. Ultimately, like the host, who is invited is up to you! You can choose if you would like to extend the invite to other attendees, keep it to just family, or a small close bunch.

Who Hosts?

The host of the brunch is up to the discretion of the couple. The host and planner can be anyone! Parents, siblings, cousins, close friends, you name it. However, it is common for the parents of the couple to host and plan the event, of course with direction and input from the couple.

Where Is It Taking place?

Hosting a the brunch at a location near the wedding venue is always a good idea, considering those from out of town most likely are staying in a hotel within the area. If parents of the couple, extended family, or family friends live in the city or close by areas of the wedding and are willing to host the brunch in their home and can accommodate the amount of attendees, this is a great option. Another option for location would be a memorable spot or restaurant to the couple. Some restaurants will arrange a special menu if you are holding a special event at their location.

Should Invitations Be Sent?

Like other aspects of the post-wedding brunch, this is too up to you. There are several options that will get the job done, you can change to make a completely new invitation and mail it out separately, make a new invitation and include it in the same envelope as the wedding invitation, create an e-vite online, or if you are keeping the party small contact everyone individually.

What is Served?

Pancakes, eggs, bacon, waffles, yogurt, berries, you can have it all! If you are hosting the brunch at a residence and will be making food it is all in your control about what you are serving. If you are having it catered or at a restaurant, meet with someone who can help you craft the perfect menu

for the morning. If you are holding the brunch in a residence, a bagel breakfast sandwich bar is both fun and easy. You can have all different types of bagels with toppings and set it up buffet style so everyone can make exactly what they want! Keep in mind people will be a bit hungover, so they will love a spread of hearty choices. For some, they might be ready to drink a bit more! You can keep it simple with a Mimosa bar or opt for Bloody Mary’s, Sangria, or Bellini’s. Focus more on food than drinks, as everyone will be eating but not everyone will be drinking. And remember, coffee is a must!

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Blog post by Danielle Hendricks, edited by Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events.

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