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The Ten Best Activities to Consider for your Next Event

Activities that make a Memorable Event

Add more fun to your event with a party vendor that can create a unique take home for your guests. Depending on your event and budget incorporating one or more of these activities will add a memorable take home experience that will have guests raving about your event for days to come.

1. Caricature - Hiring a caricature artist for your next event will have your guests lined up throughout the night to see their wacky rendition of themselves. Caricature artist will be able to create a take home memory for your attendees that will have them smiling ear to ear…literally! To keep the line moving faster you can hire two artists to keep the line moving and ensure everyone gets their chance to be drawn.

2. Silent Disco - Silent Discos are becoming the hottest event activity trend just about everywhere! Major festivals are event incorporating the fad into their event. Set up the silent disco in a designated area with a dance floor space, have guest grab a pair of headphones and get going. With 2-3 channels playing guests can change with genre they are listening to and dance along with it!

3. Henna Tattoos - Henna is derived from a flowering shrub thats leaves are turned into a power that temporarily dyes the skin. The temporary tattoo can last from 1-4 weeks depending on skin type and frequency of washing. The trendy party element is rising in popularity and can be done in an efficient manner. Henna artists can quickly create beautiful designs on the skin in a matter of minutes being able to give a majority of your attendees a chance in a short amount of time.

4. Flip Books - Flip Books are a timeless trend that condense a short video into a relivable moment through flipping through the pages of a small book. Long after your event, guests will be able to look back on their flip book to re-live the exact moment at your event. You can even customize the front of the memento to show your event name and date! Flip books are a sure way to make your event stand out to guests during the event and after as they reminisce on your special night.

5. Virtual Reality Experience - With the power of virtual reality anything is possible! There are hundreds of possible experience available, which means something for everyone! Just strap on the VR goggles to take yourself aboard a ship full of pirates, a crazy roller coaster, flying over Hawaii in a helicopter, floating through space and so much more! Change the way you view the world around you by having virtual reality as the spotlight of your next event!

6. Live Art - Have you ever watched a street performer turn a blank canvas into an incredible work of art in just a few moments? Talented artists are available for your event to make their masterpiece live in front of all your event attendees! Big or small events this is sure to wow your guests, and the finished product will leave a long lasting memory.

7. GIF Photo Booth - Make yourself into a personalized GIF by having a GIF Photo Booth at your event! 4 quickly taken pictures turn into a mini stop motion moment that you can email to anyone and post everywhere! This photo booth is a great option because not only do you get the custom GIF, but they will also print out the four photos individually for you to take home as well!

8. Custom Airbrush - Hats, T-shirts, jackets, tote bags, you name it! Get any item personalized with airbrush. A custom airbrush artist is sure to be a hit, especially with the younger guests. The artist can also work with you before hand to make custom items or custom signage to have displayed at the event!

9. Green Screen Photo Booth - Skip the classic Photo Booth set up and opt for a Green Screen Photo Booth! A Green Screen photo booth will allow your guests to place themselves in crazy spots and be a silly photo to take home. You can opt to print the photos in person or have them simply emailed out to guests. With a Green Screens the possibilities are truly endless as guests can place themselves on stage with their favorite artist, on the red carpet with their celebrity crush, or even flipped upside down on a giant inter tube!

10. Digital Caricature - Caricatures just took a step up, you can now have a digital caricature artist at your next event who put an exciting new twist on the class art. Guests will be able to watch for themselves on a large LCD screen as the caricature artist turns them into a cartoon! This unique activity will have your guest lining up out the door for the chance to get the keepsake.

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Blog post by Danielle Hendricks, edited by Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events.

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