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How to Propose to your Bridal Party

Be Creative

Bridesmaid/ Groomsman Box - Create a unique box full of fun favors to propose to your bridal

party. The limit does not exist for what to fill the box with. For bridesmaids ideas include: dainty jewelry, picture frames, candy, customized tumblr or wine glass, candles, and body lotion. For groomsmen consider: mini alcohol bottles, cigars, bottle opener, patterned socks, sunglasses, and a pocket knife.

Bridesmaid/ Groomsman Survival Kit - A twist on the bridal box is a survival kit! Label the front of the box with “Bridesmaid or Groomsman Survival Kit”. Fill the small box with various items that could come in handy the day of. Ideas for the kit include: mini first aid kit, painkillers, mini sewing kit, mini bottle of liquor, lotion, tissues, small snack pack, dry shampoo, and mints!

Be Simple

Simple Card - Even the simplest of cards can be filled with the most special of messages. If you're on a budget, always busy, or have friends who do not live near by, sending a cute or funny card inviting them to be a part of your bridal party will be the greatest surprise as they open the envelope from you.

Plan an Outing - Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, drinks. There are several fun outings you can invite your friends on to surprise them with a very important question. You can either choose to gather your friends all together for a group outing or go one on one, whatever you choose it will great memory to spend together.

Be Sweet

Bottle Tags - What better way to be asked to be a part of a bridal party than with a bottle of booze?! Whether it be a bottle of beer, liquor or wine you really cannot go wrong. You can create a bottle tag to hang from the neck of the bottle, or create a custom label cover to wrap around the bottle with the message of your choice.

Custom Treats - Let’s be honest, who doesn't love sweets? Whether you choose to bake your own goodies and wrap them with a tag or order a customized sweet such as M&M’s or cookies, desserts will always be timeless.

Be Punny

“Pop” the Question - Print out small notes that say “Will you be my bridesmaid/groomsman” and place them inside a balloon. Fill the balloon and deliver to your friends with a note that says pop me with a safety pin attached. You can also pop the question with a Ring Pop! Place the childhood favorite sweet in a box, it makes for a funny way to literally propose the question to your friends.

Give it a Shot - Create custom shot glasses to invite your friends to be a part of your bridal party. There are a variety of phrases to put on the front from the simple “Will you be my groomsman” to the clever “Will you take a shot and be my bridesmaid?” The shot glass will also be a special memento for your friends to remember this special time.

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Blog post by Danielle Hendricks, edited by Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events.

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