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10 Reasons Why You Need a Coordinator

10 Reasons Why You NEED to Hire an Wedding Coordinator or Party Planner

No wedding or event is complete without a coordinator, and hear me out. By coordinator, we mean a professional, not a friend or family member. Trust us when we tell you this, hiring a friend ends up causing many more issues and conflict than hiring a professional ever would. Additionally, having a friend or family member hold so many responsibilities will prevent them from fully enjoying your special day with you. When you hire a coordinator you without a doubt get what you pay for. From assisting you throughout the planning process, recommending vendors and ensuring everything is smooth sailing the day of, hiring a coordinator is truly an essential.

Here are just 10 reasons why you should hire a coordinator for your event. (Trust me, we can come up with soooo many more!)

1. Professional coordinators have a ton of experience

A professional coordinator has had several years of experience and knowledge within the events

industry. The last thing you want is someone who has no idea what to do, where to go, or what is happening. A coordinator will have a timeline of the event and make sure everything is set up, on time, and where it needs to be. Especially with weddings a coordinator knows how the processional, recessional, and grand entrance is supposed to go and when. They will be able to guide your bridal party where to stand and when, as well as where they need to be and when.

2. The venues “planner” or “coordinator” is not your wedding planner

It is a common misconception that the venues “event coordinator” or “wedding planner” will fill all the roles one would expect from them while planning the event. The role on the venues on site coordinator is your point of contact. Day of they represent and keep an eye on the venue during the event, rather than the events logistics and timing.

3. Event planners have connections

For your event it is crucial to have reliable and trustworthy vendors. Without a coordinator you will have to choose your vendors based off searching online and word of mouth. Coordinators have a network of vendors they have worked with and those they can personally ensure you services that will not disappoint. Additionally they can help guide you away from the vendors that wouldn't be the perfect fit.

4. You need help figuring out and staying within your budget

When it comes to planning an event staying within budget is always ideal. Finding vendors and a space to stay within said budget can be difficult. A professional event planner has experience working with all types of budget and will work to assure your event is as wonderful as it can possibly be while staying within budget. The connections coordinators have with vendors will aid in getting a great price for the additional services your event needs. Their experience and knowledge will help you stay within budget and keep track of expenses.

5. Planning an event is time consuming

When it comes to events, especially weddings, hours on hours each week go into planning. Not everyone always has all the time they wish to invest within the planning process, but this is another way a coordinator is able to assist. A professional planner will fight for the vision you have for your event and will make it happen. They will be available to you at all times ready to assist with anything that needs help. Planners are able to handle the daytime tasks needed to

make your event everything you want it to be and more.

6. You will not have to worry about straining a relationship with a friend or family member

Your friend or family member is not a substitute for a professional planner. Hiring someone you have a personal relationship with will cause strain in some way throughout the processes. You might not be happy with how they fill the role you wanted them to but can’t tell them. They might even be upset with you that they have to work your special event rather than being able to enjoy every moment right beside you. You want all your friends and family to enjoy your wedding and not have them in a role that comes with so much responsibility. It is not worth ruining a relationship with a friend.

7. Planners will help you coordinate the entire day

From the day you hire a coordinator, you are starting a relationship with someone who only wants the best for your event and to do all they can to make it happen. Hiring a coordinator ensures you have someone alongside throughout the entire planning and execution process of the event. With weddings it is very common for ceremony space to be used as the reception space as well. Coordinators can help make this flip an easy task and finished as quickly as possible. Hiring an experienced coordinator will be focused on the success of your event and your happiness at all time.

8. A Professional is committed to you

A professional coordinator is committed to you from the moment you hire them, their goal is to do whatever they can to assist you create the event of your dreams. The day of your event they will be there ready to put on any extra hat they need to in order for your event to be successful. When you hire a friend or family member, it is common they do not preform their duties to the greatest potential or even worse, flake on you before or day of the event. A coordinator will assure all duties are carried out correctly and on time. You get what you pay for and more when hiring a coordinator guaranteeing wonderful results as you are paying for services that make such a huge difference for your event!

9. Planners will keep everything on track.

The goal for any event is smooth sailing throughout the entire duration of the event. From handling set up and the arrival of vendors, to following the timeline during the event, all up until event tear down there needs to be someone to make sure it all gets done correctly. An event coordinator not only makes sure each aspect of the event is going according to the timeline but that vendors are taken care of, all decor and set up is complete when it needs to be, and clean up is completed by the designated time.

10. All you should be focusing on day of is YOU!

Hiring a coordinator will rid you from any potential responsibility on your special day. You have spent so much time into the production of the event so you should be enjoying each and every moment. The last thing you need during your event is stress. Your coordinator wants nothing more than to make your day everything you wished it would be and more. They will be able to handle any day of problems that might occur and ensure everyone is happy. The happiness of the client is a coordinators main goal and they will strive throughout the day to keep the joy at an all time high.

The team here at San Diego Life Events is ready to help make your wedding ceremony or special event a memorable one! If you are searching for the best Wedding Planner or Event Coordinator, then make sure to check out and take the opportunity to work with some of San Diego's favorite industry professionals. We are excited to work with you!

Blog post by Danielle Hendricks, edited by Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events.

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