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Where to Propose in San Diego

Places to Propose in San Diego

Sunset Cliffs

San Diego is known for its gorgeous beaches. While any of San Diego’s shores sets scene for a proposal, Ocean Beach’s Sunset Cliffs stands out. The top of the cliffs are a romantic space to watch the sun set and the waves crash into the rocks. It is also easy to climb down to the beach to take a walk along the sand.The idea of the two of you watching the sunset and popping the questions as the sun lowers below the horizon is especially romantic.

Harbor Island

With views overlooking the San Diego Skyline, Harbor Islands is a breathtaking spot for a proposal. While the sun is at it’s highest point, setting into the day, or as the skyline is fully illuminated as the night sky falls, any time of day makes for a picture perfect proposal. With long pathways and nearby rentals, a bike ride along the water could turn into the moment of a lifetime.

Del Mar Balloon Ride

Imagine flying over the beautiful Del Mar area into the sunset. As the sun drops and the romance of the evening is in full effect you reach into your pocket and ask the love of your life the big question. You can even choose to pop the question as you ascend into the setting sky. Whether you choose to propose as the two of you set off or while in mid-air, a Hot Air Balloon ride is not only the experience of a life time but extremely unique and romantic.

Seaport Village

Seaport Village is full of diverse shops, fun eateries and outdoor entertainment. Located in downtown San Diego, the area is full of pathways along the water, beautiful green foliage, and a quaint pond and small bridge. There are several places in this beautiful location that act as the ideal spot to ask the most important question in a lifetime.

A Personal Place of Meaning

For couples there are several moments and places that hold special places in the heart. Where the two of you met, where the two of you had your first date, when you realized you loved one another, or any other stand out memory. These spots make for the perfect places to pop the question. Proposing in a location that is special will make that spot all the more memorable and unique to the couple. Have more questions or need some help planning your proposal? San Diego Life Events and Your San Diego Wedding Planner can help you find, plan, and execute the perfect, personalized proposal that's sure to make your significant other say YES!!!

Blog post by Intern Coordinator Danielle Hendricks, edited by Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events

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