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2018 Wedding Trends

2018 Wedding Trends

A new year means new wedding trends! With 2017 drawing to a close and the new year coming right around the corner, it is time to switch gears and take a look at all the upcoming wedding trends. From colors and flowers to decor and food, here is what will be trending in 2018:


  • There are thousands of color schemes that will always be timeless. 2017 was the year of of lighter shades, which is why experts are predicting quite the opposite to be the talk of the new year!

  • Navy blue is a classy alternative to the common black. Grooms are switching out their classic black suit and tie for a navy and other dark shades. Navy is also a popular shade for bridesmaid dresses. Mauve and Dusty Rose are similar elegant shades to complement this color.

  • Over the past few years Rose Gold has been a popular color couples have incorporated into their special day. Silver and chrome are projected to be the popular metallics of 2018.


  • Having floral decor that can be repurposed from the ceremony to reception is an easy way to save a little on your floral budget. Brides are choosing to opt for larger floral arrangements that can be used in multiple places throughout their wedding day. By saving a little on this floral decor you can spend a little more on your own bouquet

  • Take note of bolder colors because 2018 is the projected year for their come back! Pastels have been the trend the past few years but it is time the bold and beautiful colors make their mark!

  • Floral arches are a romantic spot to tie the knot. Covering arches in drapery and big floral arrangements is a beautiful decor spot and a way to reuse your floral. The floral used to cover the arch during the ceremony can double as centerpieces during the ceremony or a beautiful touch to the sweetheart table


  • Prepare your taste buds for a fun and fresh take on wedding dinners. The classic three course set menu is classic, but it is predicted that alternative food options will be taking over in 2018. Sushi, tacos and pizza are seen to shake up the traditional seated plated meal.

  • Food Trucks have been an trending and fun way to grab a bite. For the couple with an outdoor wedding, food trucks are a fun phenomenon to jump onto! Many dessert vendors are now going mobile as well and offering their services on a cart, imagine having your favorite ice cream truck cater your special day!

  • In addition to the new and coming dinner flavors, a lot of couples in 2018 are choosing to swap out dinner for brunch and host their wedding earlier in the day to get the party started before the sun even sets! Because the cost for day and lunch timed wedding, this trend is coming in hot. Get excited for Mimosas and create your own Omelette stations!



  • Velvet has been a hot fabric for clothing items in 2017. The new year has projected this popular style to be incorporated into weddings to present a comfortable vibe to guests. Especially for weddings during the winter season the velvet can also be incorporated into bridesmaid dresses!

  • Geometric details are a new trend forecasted for the new year. While circles are a timeless simple shape, geometric details and patterns can be added in a plethora of wedding details. Stationary, cake, decor are just a few ways to add this fun trend into the theme.

  • Hashtags have been a way for people connect on social media for years. Wedding hashtags are a fun way for guests to link their fun photos with the couples special day. The hash tag can be a combo of the two names, a nickname, the date, whatever you want!

For more 2018 Wedding Trends, trending design ideas, and general wedding coordination and design tips, talk to your San Diego Wedding Coordinator at San Diego Life Events!

Blog post by Intern Coordinator Danielle Hendricks, edited by Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events

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