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How to be the BEST Maid of Honor EVER!

Maid of Honor Duties

Congratulations! You have just been asked to be the Maid of Honor! Now you might be thinking to yourself, what does this title really entail? Being the Maid of Honor is that, an honor. The bride sees you as someone that she wants beside her through the wedding process and on her

big day. Even though the bride may have hired a San Diego Wedding Planner such as San Diego Life Events, you will be able to focus on those extra special, more personal touches since you know her better than almost anyone else! Here is what to expect if you are asked to be the Maid of Honor:

Before Wedding Day Duties

  • Be there for the bride - Planning a wedding can cause a lot of stress and take up a lot of time. It is important to be there to keep her calm, smiling and happy.

  • Attend pre-wedding day events - Offer to lend a hand when needed. If the bride needs assistance choosing vendors, a cake flavor or even her dress; she will need her best girl there to reassure her with her choices. Her Wedding Coordinator can offer the best practical and logistical advice, but you can offer more personal insight.

  • Guide the bridal party - Keep the bridesmaids in the loop with all wedding events. Because the bride has enough on her plate, act as the liaison between her and the other bridesmaids with any of their wedding related questions.

  • Plan the bridal shower - Take the lead on planning the bridal shower along side with the fellow bridesmaids. During the party be sure to take note of all gifts given and who gave them to make it easy for the bride to craft her thank you notes. If you need extra help planning the bridal shower, contact San Diego Life Events, and a Party Planner will be happy to help!

  • Plan the bachelorette party - Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a party in your hometown create a night for the bride to remember with her best friends. Don't forget to reach out to San Diego Life Events or your bride's Wedding Coordinator directly if you need some assistance planning the bachelorette party.

Day of Wedding Duties

  • Keep things on schedule - During hair, makeup, and up until the ceremony keep an eye on the time. If things are to fall behind make sure to communicate with the Wedding Coordinator first, or the minister and groom.

  • Communicate with vendors - Day Of vendors might have questions about set up, so keep in communication with the various vendors throughout the process. At the very least, reach out and introduce yourself to the Wedding Planner. It will also be important to act as a liaison on the day of the wedding on behalf of the bride. This is especially helpful for your bride's Day Of Wedding Coordinator, so that they do not need to bug her while she is enjoying her special day. Because the bride may be stressed, this is one less thing she will have to worry about.

  • Keep the bride calm - Wedding day jitters cause a lot of emotions. Keep the bride smiling, calm, and happy!

  • Arrange the bride’s train and veil - Before she walks down the isle make sure the bride is looking picture perfect. Once she has arrived to the altar take a second to arrange her veil and train once more.

  • Hold the groom’s ring - If there is no ring barrier this job becomes yours. The best man will be holding the brides ring.

  • Hold the bride's bouquet during their vows - During the ceremony it is not only your job to hold your bouquet but the brides as well. You will be holding it primarily during the ring exchange.

  • Sign the marriage license as a witness - Two witnesses sign the marriage license after the ceremony. Usually the maid of honor and best man fill the roll.

  • Play hostess - Step into help whenever it is needed. Act on behalf of the couple and their families. For last minute emergencies or family members with questions be there for them to ensure everything is running slowly. Be available and knowledgable in the event that the Wedding Coordinator or other vendor has a specific question, so they do not have to interrupt the bride.

  • Dance with the best man - During the reception get the party started! After the newlyweds share their first dance, grab the best man and head to the dance floor! The two of you will help to encourage others to dance too.

  • Give a toast at the reception - After the best man gives his speech, the maid of honor usually gives one as well. Take the time to craft the perfect speech for your best girl that will be something she will remember forever.

For more information on being the best Maid of Honor, or questions on how to get your Maid of Honor to fulfill her MoH duties, contact your San Diego Wedding Coordinator at San Diego Life Events!

Blog post by Intern Coordinator Danielle Hendricks, edited by Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events

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