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Top 5 Dessert Bars for your Wedding or Event

Dessert Bars have been the rapid growing trend that will have you saying goodbye to a traditional cake and hello to one to these exciting and trendy alternatives. Your San Diego Wedding Coordinator or Event Planner can help you determine what type of desserts to consider, if you are part of the growing population of non-cake sweets options. Here are 5 sweet dessert bar ideas to have at your special day that all your guest will want to feast their eyes (and stomaches) on.

  1. Donut Bar: Whether you decide to stack them high or create a wall, guests will want to dive into your donut display. With chocolate frosted, sprinkles, glazed and a variety of other flavors, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. A fun display like this, will have you saying you "Donut" want the night to end ;)

2. Chocolate Bar: For all you chocoholics out there this dessert bar is a must. Create a spread of all your favorites since you simply can't choose one. Provide little bags for your guests to fill up on their favored chocolaty treats. With various candies, brownies, truffles, and more even Willy Wonka would be jealous of your setup. You can even create printable candy bar wrappers to customize the bars which also make for a great wedding favor.

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3. Cookies & Milk Bar: There is nothing that compares to a fresh cookie and a glass of ice cold milk to end your night. Take yourself back to your childhood with this timeless treat. It doesn't have to stop at classic chocolate chip, go for a combo of crowd favorites such as double-chocolate, snickerdoodle, white-chocolate macadamia nut, and peanut butter. Keep the fun going by offing chocolate and strawberry flavored milk as well!

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4. Ice Cream Sandwich Bar: This new trendy sweet treat is becoming a popular dessert option full of possibilities. Have guest choose if they want to stuff their ice cream in between, cookies, brownies, a waffle, or even a doughnut! With various topping options the fun wont stop. Sprinkles, nuts, and chocolate chips with allow your guest to further put their own spin on their delicious dessert.

5. S’mores Bar: Guests will want to make sure they save room for s’more with this dessert bar. Spice up the classic s’more with different types of chocolate to stuff between your toasted marshmallow and crispy graham cracker. Peanut butter cups, white and dark chocolate will take this favorite to the next level. Small open flames will allow guests to cook their marshmallow to their desired level.

Don't forget! Your San Diego Wedding Coordinator or Event Planner is here to help. Whether you need fun dessert ideas, or just someone to create a delicious tablescape, San Diego Life Events can make your event the sweetest yet! Blog post by Intern Coordinator Danielle Hendricks, edited by Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events

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