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Top 4 Social Media Must Haves for Your Wedding or Party

You guys asked for it, so here we go! These are your San Diego Wedding Planner team's top 4 picks for trendiest ways to incorporate Social Media into your wedding or event:

1. The Wedding Hashtag: This trend has been out for a couple of years now, but has grown in popularity this last year. Wedding hashtags provide a universal platform for guests to find or post pictures of the wedding. The hashtag trend started simple like #JaneandJohntietheknot or #Smithwedding2017 but now couples are getting creative by using a play on words with their last names, such as #HappilyEverAdler (shout out to A & A!) If you need help letting your creative juices flow, check out these hashtag generators:

(San Diego Life Events is not affiliated with the above websites or organizations)

2. Snapchat Geofilters: This option is extra fun! For significantly less than I was expecting, between $5-$30, you can create your own Snapchat filter or frame for your wedding! Guests can grab a quick selfie or record the dance floor magic and add your personalized filter to showcase what and where they are. Here’s a how-to guide to make your own:

3. Facebook Live: The rise in Facebook Live has gone viral and turns out to be very helpful for guests who can’t attend your San Diego wedding. You can choose to post the live video so all friends can see it or you can select certain friends who can view it. You can also use filters and doodle on the video! For example, we were just at a wedding last weekend where they had friends in back in Switzerland that couldn’t make it to the wedding, but was now able to view the wedding either as it was going on or watch it later.

4. Uber Promo Code: Keep your guests safe by giving them an Uber Promo Code to use for after the party ends. You can also customize the promo code to your wedding hashtag! Although it’s free, you may need to have some patience setting it up because it might take a few tries to get through with customer service. Here’s how to create your own promo code:

Your San Diego Wedding Coordinator or Event Planner with San Diego Life Events can also help answer any social media questions you may have, so contact us today!

Blog post by Intern Coordinator Teagan Frame, exclusively for San Diego Life Events

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