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Custom Snapchat Filter for your Wedding or Event

For significantly less than any of us were expecting, (between $5-$30) you can create your own custom event or wedding Snapchat filter!  Everyone uses snapchat these days, so let your party guests grab a quick selfie or record the dance floor magic with your personalized filter!  Here’s a simple how-to guide to make your own:

How to Create a Snapchat Geofilter

  1. Go to

  2. Click “create now”

  3. Design or upload your template (San Diego Life Events recommends Etsy for templates)

  4. Pick a time, date and location for your geofilter

  5. Submit your template and give it a day or so to be reviewed

Prices start at $5 but can vary depending how detailed a filter, and the duration of time needed for your event!

Here’s a great Etsy shop that creates custom geofilters designs:

(San Diego Life Events is not affiliated with this Etsy shop in any way)

Party guests can upload their snaps to their personal stories for friends to view or upload it to “Our Story,” where groups can upload individual snaps to create one big story for one big event. Snapchat Geofilters adds an extra element with a modern twist to your event, while still allowing your personality to shine through. Plus, you can view and save individual snaps or full stories to your own phone for viewing at a later date.                  Pictured above: Teagan Frame and Rachel Weinshanker                                                                                                                        (San Diego Life Events)

Blog post by Intern Coordinator Teagan Frame, exclusively for San Diego Life Events

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