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Meet Teagan Frame, Intern Coordinator

Hello! My name is Teagan and I recently moved to San Diego from Fresno, California(the land where time stops and there’s no such thing as 60 degree weather but only 105 degrees ALL YEAR) to pursue wedding planning and was able to do so thanks to working with a well-known bridal boutique. Ever since I was little and being in three weddings as a flower girl, I have always wanted to play dress up in my mom and grandma’s wedding dresses. I have been in love with weddings and all they entail. Here’s a few fun facts about me so you can get to know who I am:

• I was a gymnast for 16 years—on performance and competitive teams • Started coaching at age 15 • Jesus lover! My favorite verse is 1 Corinthians 16:14 “Do everything in love.” • Instead of crazy cat lady, I’m the crazy bird lady • Insanely obsessed with Shania Twain(see my mother for a video of 3 year old Teagan singing her first song Man! I Feel Like a Woman) • Currently on round 7 of Friends…yes I can quote almost every single episode • Pinterest is my best friend but I never attempt any DIY projects alone • Huge adventure addict; my bucket list is several pages long • Obsessed with airplanes and dying to get my pilot’s license • According to the state of California, I’m bilingual in Spanish(ha!) • Loves mission work • Super OCD about everything organized(except my desk, consistently) and color schemes matching • Huge sappy romantic, hence the love for weddings • Constantly has competitions with my dad about who knows more technological stuff, of course I win all the time(get over it Dad) • Always needs to have my nails done, budget allowing • Decorating hits my happy spot • You could find me anywhere I can put my hammock • Loves all kinds of music except rap, can’t stand rap, makes me mad, no rap! • Arbonne is THE way to go for everything healthy and happy living • You can catch me jamming out to Broadway musicals on the freeway

I like to describe myself as that horse of many colors on The Wizard of Oz, I’m not complicated just very adventurous, driven, and outgoing. I am so excited to be working with the San Diego Life Events team, meeting new people and growing in experience coordinating weddings!

Blog post by Intern Coordinator Teagan Frame, exclusively for San Diego Life Events

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