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Meet Cece Slay, Intern Coordinator

Hello hello! My name is Cejoi (you are welcome to try to pronounce it) but for those who can’t or are simply afraid of butchering it, you can call me Cece.

I am a fairly new San Diegan, originally from Alaska and Arizona, but thrilled to finally live somewhere that is NOT classified as a desert.

In my spare time you will likely find me baking sweets, reading (Favorite genre: Historical Fiction), messing about on the computer or sewing very poorly (but with enthusiasm!). I really enjoy meeting new people, organizing things (anything!), and just generally being helpful.

One particularly fun fact about me is that I’ve been learning Japanese since Elementary School. I haven’t really been able to use it in my day-to-day life, so I can’t imagine I’m very “good”, but it makes for a great conversation starter!

As far as my schooling goes, I attended Arizona State University in 2011, where I received my undergrad degree for Communications. For the most part my career has consisted of various administrative type jobs. I actually really do enjoy the administrative role because I love being able to lend a hand and contribute to a larger goal. My ideal position is any that allows me to help and fully support someone so that they can focus on the big picture, and San Diego Life Events is the perfect place for me to do just that!

I look forward to meeting those of you who may need some assistance in planning your special event. I love to help so do not hesitate to put me to work!

Blog post by Intern Coordinator Cejoi Slay, exclusively for San Diego Life Events

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