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Featured: Avoiding Family Drama on your Big Day

Our Wedding Planning advice has been featured on the San Diego Party Ride blog!


Q: "Bringing two families together for a wedding can be very stressful on a couple. What advice do you have for any bride and groom to avoid family drama on the big day?" A: In everyday life, we are surrounded by stress. Stress from our jobs, paying bills, drama on Facebook (ok, so that's kind of a joke,) but you get the idea. One big stressor can be family, especially if you have lots of opinionated family members (looking at you, Aunt Susan!) Not to mention, it's no longer just YOUR family that wants their voice heard but also your fiancé's... oh boy... I overhear people tell my clients things like "don't be stressed, it's your wedding!" as if that will instantly make it all go away, but the truth is, sometimes it just doesn't until the big day arrives. And guess what, some family dynamics do drive the drama train. You know what though? THAT'S OK! Have a chat with those you may be worried about, remind them that this is YOUR day and you would appreciate their support and respect. Let your Wedding Coordinator know who to keep an eye out for, in the event you have any concerns. An experienced Coordinator, with your permission, can have a conversation with that person if they do start to cause drama on your big day. It'll be more unnecessary stress for you to take up brainpower worrying about how your adult family members choose to treat each other. Planning your wedding may create enough anxiety, that I remind my clients to try and not worry about things that are out of their control. Sometimes, drama is inevitable, but if you have a positive frame of mind and an experienced Wedding Coordinator, drama can't get you down, girl!

Blog post by Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events and the San Diego Party Ride blog.

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