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Trendiest Flower Bouquets of 2017

From the dresses, to the venue, to all of those other little detailed decisions you have to make in order to make your big day perfect... there is so much to do in so little time. We’ve narrowed down for you our favorites from the trendiest flower bouquets of 2017, so if your big day is coming up, San Diego Life Events has made this decision just a liiiiiitle easier.


This is my absolute fave… so nice to have especially if it’s the natural look at your wedding that you’re going for. These days people are falling in love with the natural look. It is a loose unstructured organic arrangement that looks simple and yet still pleasing.


Large beautiful arrangements that are eye catching and that make a statement are a “big” hit right now too!


An arrangement of just a few or sometimes even just one flower. If the budget is tight or you’re going for a simple look it’s still beautiful!


This arrangement is large and cascades like a beautiful waterfall, a very luxurious bundle of flowers to hold.


Theses flowers a perfect little bundle,

very symmetrical and tight. Although they are simple they are still very eye catching.

Although there are still many other options out there, these are a few examples of wedding flowers that are trending this year. With a little Earth Day inspo, consider doing DIY floral projects for your big day or even ordering your flowers from companies who are dedicated to sourcing their flowers from sustainable farming practices and that are Bloomcheck or Verflora certified. Don't forget to reach out to San Diego Life Events and your San Diego Wedding Planner for more tips and suggestions on wedding flowers for your big day!

Blog post by Shae Baggett and Rachel Weinshanker, exclusively for San Diego Life Events

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