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Meet Shae Baggett, Intern Coordinator!

8 things that make me, me.

So, I’ve never written a blog before. I thought to myself, this can’t be too hard. But when I was given myself as the subject it became more of a challenge than I imagined, so I went to the obvious place and asked Google about Shae Baggett. Let me tell you, when I googled my name absolutely no info came up. I had to come up with this all on my own! When asked to write about yourself it’s challenging to decide what info to share. I’ve been alive 24 years so there are plenty of things that make me, well me, but I chose eight. These eight are pretty relevant to who I am right at this moment.

  1. I am real. Although this might seem like something unusual to say about yourself, I believe this to be the most important characteristics for individual to possess; to be real, genuine, and open. I often find myself connecting with others on a personal level from the beginning simply because I am honest and upfront. I build relationships and I care. It’s sad to say that but it’s hard to come by real people these days. But the real people shine brightest and we’ll find each other in a crowded room.

  2. I love all music. I know everyone says that, but for real... I love everything. Music makes the world go round. I grew up listening to Blues and Rock n’ Roll, thanks to my parents, but I’ve acquired a taste for Country, Reggae, Indie Folk, and Rap. They all tell a story.

  3. I am a huge socializer. I would be lost without people. I love being surrounded by people and emotion and happiness and activity. I love to entertain and host parties. Bringing people together makes me feel whole.

  4. I am creative. Give me an old pallet and I’ll make wall decor. I live for DIY projects. You could definitely say the right side of my brain is dominant over my left.

  5. I am VERY girly. I permed my hair at the age of eight because I wanted pretty curls and while I don’t plan to do that again, I Love every aspect of fashion,hair, and makeup. One day I hope that my wallet is fat enough to fill all of my designer dreams.

  6. I obsess over anything that is some shade of mint, teal, blue, seafoam, or aqua. I’ll wear it, paint with it, and buy unnecessary items just for being that color.

  7. Pizza and wine are my weakness. Together, apart, just pizza, just wine, pizza and wine. These two things steal my heart. It’s unfortunate that as I creep into my mid twenties that I can’t have these two things every meal without regretting it later.

  8. I spend WAAAAY too much money on coffee. I own a coffee maker. I am also aware that I would save a TON of money if I just made coffee at home. But no, instead I choose to spend about $5 a day on some foo-foo coffee drink at some hipster coffee shop. At this point, I’m not sure if I even do it for the coffee anymore. There is something about getting up in the morning and hitting a coffee shop that starts my day off on the right foot.

Overall I’d say I’m an alright person. I’m a 24 year old socializing too much, and eating too much pizza, while hanging out at coffee shops with my laptop taking notes, and spending too much money, wearing that obnoxious mint color and listening to Luke Bryan just trying to figure out life, and being an Intern Coordinator with San Diego Life Events is a fun way to do just that!

Blog post by Intern Coordinator Shae Baggett, exclusively for San Diego Life Events

© 2017 San Diego Life Events

San Diego Life Events and Party Planning

Blog post by Shae Baggett, exclusively for San Diego Life Events

© 2017 San Diego Life Events

San Diego Life Events and Party Planning

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